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P.O. Box 3653, Wilmington, North Carolina, 28406  USA
| Phone: (704) 705-2550 | Fax: (704) 705-2410 |

Maintenance Management & Reliability Specialists

Helping clients improve their profitability by providing expertise in the Maintenance Management and Reliability fields for more than thirty years.

We are specialists in reliability-centered maintenance, Outage Management, and the use of Critical Path Networks for managing Maintenance Shutdowns & Outages.

Our Objective is simple;

      To bring our clients the very best
                        Technologies, Skills and Tools….
                                                      … to help them Prosper!

Our formidable track record has resulted in a unique combination of Consulting, Training and Coaching
Assistance, to ensure our clients achieve prompt and maintainable ROI on all projects we undertake.

Although we rely on tried and trusted tools and techniques, each assignment is personally designed, customized and tuned for results. To us results are not only important, they are the objective.

Potential for payback is our criterion for involvement. We provide simple workable solutions that get results.
Many aspects of our assignments may be complex, technical, and sophisticated, but we never loose sight of the fundamental business objective:-

                                  To improve our clients “bottom line”!

If you are less than satisfied with maintenance performance , or unhappy with the outcomes of maintenance outages at your facility why not give us a call? Perhaps we can help, as we have done for so many over the years.
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